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Congratulations to Maiko Satuski-san – The Young Star of Gion


The rise of Maiko Satsuki-san from her debut in February 2011 to being the top in 2013 is remarkable and reflects her strong non-stop hard work attitude including very very little time off for holidays.  My wife and I had the privilege of having lunch with her and her older sister, Geiko Kyouka-san right after the awards ceremony earlier this month.  It is wonderful to be able to see her passion and determination and yet keep her playful personality (she is only 18).  To be number 1 in Gion is unimaginably difficult and for the same Okiya (Tsurui) to have three maiko/geiko represented in the top five is also a strong testimony to the Tsurui Okaasan (House mother). Congratulations to all of them and looking forward to the start of their new Maiko this year.

On a separate note, some of my work on the Geiko/Maiko in Kyoto was published on Burn magazine and a different set was highlighted on the Travel Photographer Blog.  It is indeed an honor to be selected and I have received a lot of ideas and advice both via the comments and through personal mails which will help me evolve in my project.  Thank you all for your support.